Predicts 2022: Consolidated Security Platforms Are the Future

Security and risk management leaders continue to be asked to do more with less — facing more demand for service, fast-changing threat landscapes and insufficient technical talent. This research predicts that platform consolidation will help SRM leaders’ organizations thrive in hostile environments. Overview Key Findings Driven by the need to reduce complexity, leverage commonalities and

As Organizations Evolve, So Does ransomware

How the ransomware attacks of 2021 will impact the security strategies of 2022 and beyond: Ransomware is a threat to every industry and will continue to be a thorn in the side of IT, security and business teams as organizations continue to support hybrid work. The perimeter that once gave you visibility and control over

Securing Healthcare Against Ransomware Post-COVID-19

Lookout’s Approach to Solving Ransomware Challenges in Healthcare The COVID-19 pandemic arguably compressed years of digital transformation for the entire healthcare industry. Rapid deployment of new and existing technologies, including telemedicine, has enabled practices and hospitals alike to stay productive – but not without an increase in cyberattacks on the industry.

Critical Capabilities for Security Service Edge

SSE solutions provide a broad set of features to secure access to, and usage of, the web, cloud services and private applications. Security and risk management leaders should evaluate them in relation to four key use cases and 10 critical capabilities to find the one best suited to their needs. Overview Key Findings Security service

Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge

The emergence of a market for security service edge solutions reflects the need for organizations with hybrid workforces to apply consistent security from the cloud. This Magic Quadrant will help you identify suitable vendors to secure access to the web, cloud services and private applications. Strategic Planning Assumptions By 2025, 70% of organizations that implement

Milkman home delivery platform

Main Capabilities Milkman Order Management System is the core of Milkman Home Delivery Platform. It offers technology and expertise for designing optimal delivery experiences to logistics teams and organizations. It’s configured to manage the end to end order life cycle, orchestrating the following main services: – order ingestion – service negotiation – shipper and recipient

Public MediaMarkt and Milkman Technologies

An omnichannel approach for handling unexpected times Discover how Public MediaMarkt and Milkman Technologies enabled a successful omnichannel approach to manage the delivery process with a strong customer focus. “We needed to create additional capacity to satisfy high consumer demand and do it fast. So, we thought about using taxis. As tourism industry was inactive

Reshaping the Last Mile for Customer-Centric Omni-Channel Shopping Journeys

How European retailers are integrating omni-channel operations and leveraging last mile optimization to achieve efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable fulfillment that leads to customer loyalty. The Milkman Home Delivery Platform has been designed to offer final shoppers advanced delivery options of day/time of choice, full visibility of the order journey, for a real promise to delivery