Driving Business Impact with a Unified Social Media Management Platform: A study by ESG

Social media is one of the key touchpoints for today’s businesses when it comes to delivering great customer experiences. But with 45% of brands using more than 5 tools to manage their CX across channels, there is a huge disconnect between user expectations and customer journeys, which results in dissatisfaction and disconnected experiences. Enterprise Strategy

Fire-up your trade marketing partnerships for greater success!

For your next marketing campaign, follow Budweiser’s example! With Weber by your side, increase your brand awareness, grow your market share, and reach new audiences! The results of this multi-country, multi-retailer trade marketing campaign speak for themselves: +140% in sales volume to distributors.+56% in sales volume compared to typical promotional weeks.The most successful Budweiser campaign,

Why it’s time to redefine endpoint management

IT environments are becoming more complicated, with remote employees accessing company data outside the safety of the traditional network and personal devices that may not be following company protocols. These endpoint devices can create security risks and compliance vulnerabilities that must be addressed consistently and with purpose. IT Managers often underestimate or even ignore the

Ransomware – Defense in Layers

Infosecurity magazine reported that weekly cyberattacks have increased worldwide by 7 percent in Q1 2023 compared to the same period last year, with each firm facing an average of 1248 attacks per week. Cybersecurity ventures reported that the frequency of ransomware attacks on governments, businesses, consumers and devices will continue to rise over the next