Is Antivirus Dead?

Despite the presence of advanced antivirus solutions, cyber criminals continue to launch successful attacks using increasingly sophisticated malware. Read this paper to learn: • Why antivirus software is no longer effective in detecting, let alone stopping, most malware • Why a layered approach to cybersecurity offers more complete protection than antivirus or other “silver bullet”

The business case for layered security

A project to roll out layered security is relatively simple. Endpoint security can be deployed centrally and work in conjunction with existing anti-virus, intrusion detection and firewall systems. University College London (UCL) has found layered security from Malwarebytes is easy to distribute and manage. Software updates can be pushed to all systems at once and

Big Data in the Cloud: Converging Technologies

This paper describes how cloud and big data technologies are converging to offer a cost-effective delivery model for cloud-based  big data analytics. It also includes: • How cloud computing is an enabler for advanced analytics   with big data • How IT can assume leadership for cloud-based big data analytics  in the enterprise by becoming a

Planning Guide – Getting Started with Big Data

Why You Should Read This Document This planning guide provides background information and practical steps for IT managers who want to plan and implement big data analytics initiatives, including: Today’s IT landscape for big data and the challenges and opporunities associated with this disruptive force Big data technologies that comprise a flexible big data platform,