Data Whitepapers

EU-US Data Privacy Framework resource kit

On July 10, 2023, the European Commission adopted its adequacy decision for the EU-US Data Privacy Framework. It came after 18 months of negotiations following the invalidation of its predecessor, the EU-US Privacy Shield.  The EU-US DPF restores an important mechanism for the cross-border transfer of personal data and introduces limitations on US surveillance agencies’

The Data Culture Playbook

This playbook lays out a simple, but effective roadmap for building a data culture. It contains five chapters, each with a specific focus area. For each area, we outline how to make it happen— recommendations on how to build, run, and when you’re ready, expand and mature these capabilities. Keep in mind that a data

Make the Most of Your Data Fabric with Tableau

Every business is now a data business, and this evolution has significantly impacted the means to manage data. Processes that once worked fine to capture, store, process, and manage data have been outpaced by the growth in volume and varieties of business data, exposing vulnerabilities in information architectures. Business demands that data management programs be

How Successful IT Leaders Drive Data Transformation

In this volatile global business environment, pivoting quickly has become a standard operating procedure, and the pressure for faster decision making is intense. Organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, improve employee productivity, and promote customer satisfaction. As leaders look to their data to find answers, it’s become increasingly clear that

Governance for Tableau

Access to data—by everyone, everywhere—is a business imperative. The answers to today’s most pressing business challenges, like the need to do more with less, lie in the data, just waiting to be uncovered. This guide will explain how governance in Tableau creates trust and confidence by establishing controls, roles, and repeatable processes across three main

Protecting Microsoft SQL Server at Scale

Chris Lumnah is an Advisory Solutions Architect with 20 years of database experience. He has spent 15 plus years as a production DBA managing large scale SQL Server environments as well as being a consultant. The last 4 years has been spent with Rubrik helping customers protect their SQL Server, SAP HANA and MySQL environments. He

Protecting Microsoft SQL Server at Scale

Join Chris Lumnah, Database Solutions Architect at Rubrik, and Chris Wolff, Database Solutions Architect, as they answer some of the most common questions database teams have when protecting thousands of Microsoft SQL Server databases at scale.  They will provide a glimpse into today’s new requirements that will keep databases secure and available, streamline management operations,

Using unstructured data analytics for competitive advantage

Data analytics is an extensive technology that can be applied to many scenarios and use cases, providing capabilities to many areas of an organization. Infused with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, it is embedded throughout content management solutions including content services platforms, web content management (WCM) or digital experience management (DXM) platforms,

IDOL Unstructured Data Analytics

Today, data is more valuable than gold for many organizations. It’s a precious commodity. Supported by the right analytics solution, this data can create actionable insights that save lives and identify immediate risks with proper analysis. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning data analytics, organizations have access to realtime insight into both their own

Understanding data transfers under the GDPR

Transferring personal data internationally is a central aspect of today’s global digital economy. Recent case law has meant that data transfers under the GDPR have become one of the most scrutinised and most discussed areas of privacy and data protection compliance, making it a complex space to navigate. This eBook offers information on the means