Marketing Whitepapers

A practical guide to app messaging

Messaging apps make it easy for your customers to engage with you on the channels of their choice. Top apps have more than a billion users each, and these are often the same apps where consumers see your ads. Build your digital presence on the apps your target audiences use most.

Infuse intelligence into your customer engagements

We all have different lifestyles and motivations to buy. We all interact with technology differently, and we can’t stand it when a brand doesn’t get us. Believe it or not, this opens up a world of opportunity. Imagine being seen as the brand that truly understands your customers. With the power of intelligent engagement, it’s

Why Large Retailers Are Looking at eBay

Given the current state of the economy, retailers are looking to further diversify their businesses and grow sales by venturing out to other online channels. Launching on a new marketplace, such as eBay, can present challenges for large retailers from both a technical and business standpoint. Historically, eBay’s business model, with the auction-style listings, was

Should You Go It Alone or Go Through a Provider?

EBay, Amazon and other marketplaces such as, Newegg and Sears account for 27% of total online retail sales, and are continuing to grow. Online retailers of all sizes are recognising the profit potential of marketplaces and the benefits of aligning with a software partner; however, these retailers often find themselves wavering between building their