Win the War Against Ransomware

The threat of ransomware is only just beginning. In fact, nearly 50% of organisations have suffered at least one ransomware attack in the past 12 months, and the estimates predict this will continue to increase at an exponential rate. While healthcare and financial services are the most targeted industries, no organisation is immune. And cost?


In the face of changing business needs and increased competition, business stakeholders increasingly demand that the IT organisation be agile, innovative, and able to help identify and lead significant initiatives within their enterprises. Yet IT organisations are not as good at enabling transformation in the enterprise as they may believe.CIO magazine’s 2015 State of the

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With the proliferation of smart devices, connected sensors and a constant and insatiable need for data-driven insights, IT has moved from back office functionality to executive strategy. Businesses need to move at the speed of technology. They need to develop and rapidly deploy new applications, optimise IT resources, control costs and deliver the best possible

IDC: Veritas Helps Organizations Become GDPR-Ready and Data- Driven with an Expanded Information Management Portfolio

Take a holistic, integrated approach to Regulatory Compliance Data is at the heart of Digital Innovation and organizations globally are transforming their businesses to take advantage. Whilst this strategy is a key focus, emerging data protection regulations demand better Information Management and Governance processes to ensure the business implications of GDPR become part of day-

Information Governance Fighting the Exponential Data Curve

The information explosion has exposed organizations to an overwhelming amount of risk. Whether financial, legal, security, productivity, or reputational risk, there is a high likelihood that your organization is currently trending toward an information ecosystem that is not sustainable and highly out of control. The time to act is now to deploy an Information Governance