Running a virtual call center: The technical challenges for IT

Today’s enterprise IT teams face demanding challenges to ensure call center operations can be maintained in a work-from-home environment. On top of technical barriers to enabling a virtual call center, there may be misalignment between IT stakeholders and organizational leaders. Though there are several ways to implement a virtual call center, IT leaders should consider


This white paper provides an overview of Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). For security conscious organizations looking to protect applications and data, Okta Adaptive MFA is a comprehensive but simple strong authentication solution that provides policy driven contextual access management, supports a broad set of modern factors, leverages big data insights across thousands of enterprises,

Cover Your Bases: Best Practices for Protecting Remote Work

Before 2020, businesses across industries and regions were already navigating a gradual, but important shift towards remote work. However, the remarkable circumstances caused by a global pandemic have accelerated this process, forcing organizations to quickly revisit how their employees access the tools and resources they need to do their work. In this whitepaper, we’ll share

Identify as a Service (IDaas)

This book consists of five chapters that explore: »»The importance of identity, what it is, and how it has evolved (Chapter 1) »»What modern identity (Identity as a Service) is and how it helps organizations address identity challenges and different use cases (Chapter 2) »»The components of a modern identity solution (Chapter 3) »»New trends

Freedom to create

Toadman Interactive wants to organically develop its portfolio of existing and new IP with a focus on free-to-play multiplayer games. For any game developer with multiple global teams, it’s a technical challenge to manage backend operations comprehensively while trying to keep focused on creating content. Toadman Interactive knew that the right technology ecosystem would help

Streamlining Multi-CDN Implementation

As global demand for streaming video surges, more and more companies are spreading the delivery load across multiple CDNs.  Using a multi-CDN strategy not only improves performance and allows you to deliver online content at scale, it protects against unforeseen network issues that can negatively impact the viewer experience. In a new tech brief from

Why wait to pursue net zero?

Build a sustainable business model now Around the world, governments and businesses are realising that the targets they have announced are not good enough and they need to be bolder and take action sooner. Major economies such as the UK and the US now consider this decade to be decisive in the fight against climate

Playbook for delivering high-profile streaming events

The way we consume video is rapidly changing. Fueled even more by stay-at-home orders and social distancing, online audiences for VOD and Live Streaming are growing at an astounding pace. Scaling to support a huge cord-cutting audience can be challenging. Online viewership can scale to millions of viewers quickly. How do you prepare for delivering

How low latency streaming and live viewer interactivity are changing the video landscape

Live video streaming has expanded beyond watching live sports and catching up on news, to permeate multiple industries and bring about business transformation. Live streaming is evolving business models in areas like in-event sports betting, online auctions, casinos, gaming, and sports streaming apps that enable groups of fans to watch live sports together and interact