Le 5 principali sfide del lavoro da casa per l’IT

Improvvisamente ti sei ritrovato (insieme a tutti gli altri) a lavorare da casa. Un vantaggio certo è stato l’eliminazione dei lunghi spostamenti casa-lavoro, un’esperienza spesso deprimente. Purtroppo, la maggior parte dei dipendenti della tua azienda non era abituata ad accedere alla sua postazione di lavoro da casa, quindi le richieste di assistenza tecnica si sono

Shift the conversation

Everyone is talking about change. About transformation. Underpinning that conversation is cloud. Are you using it? Do you want to use more of it? Do you want to migrate everything? Should you move everything? This eBook seeks to challenge the traditional conversations around cloud; it’s a safe and stable solution, but that doesn’t mean it’s

How to secure your business in a Multi-Cloud world

For many organizations, the cloud has become the sole route to market for new application deployment. It affords greater agility and scalability, higher performance, and faster access to innovative technologies, all of which help businesses maintain a competitive edge. As a result, data and applications now reside in a multitude of cloud environments, including private

Cloud security for a good night’s sleep

Despite the accelerated adoption of cloud and modern computing solutions, many organizations are still trying to get cloud security off the ground. However, with cybercriminals lurking about, the job and goal of IT security professionals remains consistent: protect your data from cyberthreats. In this eBook, you’ll learn how Palo Alto Networks and Microsoft Azure can