A practical guide to managing digital disruption. How to embrace the increasing rate of technology change

The digital landscape – The inevitability of digital transformation From the video tape in the 1980s, to the DVD in 2000, to streaming services today, technology advancement means our lives get easier and we enjoy more benefits with each leap forward. The pace of technology change in our lifetime is unprecedented. We’ve moved from the landlines

Build a better cloud: understanding your options for a smart migration strategy

CLOUD APPEAL Global adoption of the cloud is accelerating at a dizzying rate each year with businesses of all sizes realizing the cost-saving, flexibility, and scalability benefits of migrating and running applications in the cloud. In our 2019 State of Application Services report, 87% of respondents reported having multicloud architectures. As pressure to move applications

Payment and commerce: digital edge playbook

The Digital Edge Playbook for Payments and Commerce outlines how industry leaders are transforming their digital edge to leverage an ecosystem-based value chain for real-time insights and a frictionless experience. Our simple, three-step strategy offers proven best practices on how to re-architect your presence, integrate cloud and SaaS capabilities and enable new offerings based on

Open banking and digital transformation

Open banking allows consumers better access to their data, enabling them to make better choices about financial products and services. Regulators support open banking in order to drive financial services competition, promote innovation and create new partnerships. Combining data from financial institutions with open APIs, developers are creating a new generation of apps and platforms

Prepararsi al workplace post-pandemia

Mentre le aziende guardano alle sfide che le attendono nel mondo post-pandemia, un’unica valutazione è condivisa da tutti: tornare a lavorare non significherà tornare alla normalità. Dopo mesi durante i quali il nostro modo di lavorare è cambiato, è difficile credere che l’ambiente di lavoro possa tornare quello di un tempo.

Prepararsi per l’IT del futuro

Più o meno ogni dieci anni, il mercato tecnologico subisce importanti cambiamenti. Negli ultimi decenni, i principali motori di questi cambiamenti sono stati la mobilità e il cloud. Ora stiamo entrando nella prossima grande fase: l’era dei dati. Non stiamo però parlando dei dati generati nel cloud o nei data center, ma di quelli disponibili