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CA Agile Central

In today’s application economy, every business is a software business. To respond to change quickly and confidently, deliver value faster than the competition and build high-quality products your customers want, you need to put agile development at the center of your business. With CA Agile Central, you can build the best software and systems at

A CIO’s Guide: Five Steps to Business Agility

The pace of change is accelerating. Customer expectations, competitive shifts and regulatory changes are disrupting global markets—and the way you do business. In this fast, new application economy, software is at the heart of every business, driving every industry. Learn more by downloading this whitepaper CA Technologies

Business Agility, Survival Guide

Today’s fast-moving markets present threats and opportunities at every turn. Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small startup, it’s no longer enough to simply practice agile development. To survive — and thrive — in this disruptive environment, you need agility throughout your organization. Learn more by downloading this whitepaper CA Technologies

Transforming Big Data into Profitable Business Insight

There is more data available today than ever before, but many organisations do not get the full value and business insight they need to run their businesses and stay competitive. Download this whitepaper to learn how to get the most from your data resources. HPE Proliant Gen9 servers powered by Intel®Xeon® processors Intel, the Intel

Modernise your SAP Business Processing Applications

Mission-critical business processing applications are the backbone of the enterprise. If applications like ERP, CRM, or SCM do not run at peak performance levels, neither does your business. Meeting the needs of customers and staff requires 24x7x365 availability, no downtime allowed. Anything less can result in lost or delayed orders, degraded customer service, reduced staff