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TeamConnect Wireless – for successful meetings in any room

Mobile audio conferencing solution for 4 to 24 participants / Automatic setup in less than a minute /Bring your own device: connect external participants via smartphone, tablet or PC / High-end sound quality for rooms without fixed-installation conferencing systems Cross-site meetings are booming, both at multinational corporations and at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Everywhere

Agile BI and Reporting Solutions

In today’s global, dynamic environment, agile and pervasive business intelligence (BI) is critical to success. Traditional approaches to BI separate transactional and analytical data through physical data replication resulting in complex, multi-tiered BI infrastructures that were not designed to be agile. Despite advances in BI technology, the traditional approach struggles to access dynamic data across

Data Virtualization Goes Mainstream

Over the past 25 years, the revolution of business information systems and their corresponding data stores have transformed how global organizations produce and use information. This has happened in three parallel realms across overlapping time frames – enterprise business applications, personal productivity and content applications, and the Web. Learn more by downloading this whitepaper

The Travis Perkins Group Improves Business Value of IT

The Travis Perkins Group is a leading supplier of building materials to the UK’s building and construction industry. For more than 200 years, the company has grown to deliver more than 100,000 products through 2,000 branch and store locations nationwide. Changing market demands, shareholder expectations and competition demand that the company continually enhance its performance.

The Impact of Agile. Quantified.

Though people have made agile recommendations for many years, we have never been able to say how accurate they actually are or how much impact a particular recommendation might make. The findings in this document were extracted by looking at nonattributable data from more than 160,000 projects, 50,000 agile teams, and 13,000 active teams using

Swisscom Gives TV Viewers Something New to Watch

As the leading communications provider in Switzerland, Swisscom offers IPTV services that cater to consumer demand for content and convenience. In 2014, the company launched Swisscom TV 2.0—a new IPTV platform, providing a full TV archive of all shows broadcast in the last 7 days on 250+ channels. Within 16 months, Swisscom had 564,000 subscribers—representing

How to Kill Agility: Nine Metrics Mistakes

Effective metrics and measurements are critical to running a highperformance business. Properly applied, they lead you to better insights, better decisions and better business outcomes. They provide feedback to spark improvement and create learning opportunities. They help you identify the right outcomes that drive you toward your business goals. Unfortunately, many businesses misuse these powerful