This white paper provides an overview of Okta Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). For security conscious organizations looking to protect applications and data, Okta Adaptive MFA is a comprehensive but simple strong authentication solution that provides policy driven contextual access management, supports a broad set of modern factors, leverages big data insights across thousands of enterprises,

Silver linings from 2020, for the future of work

Necessity is the mother of invention, and it appears that 2020 has accelerated workforce potential to be more agile and productive, from any location on any device, whilst staying secure. Dynamic Work, as we call it at Okta, may just be the biggest silver lining that emerges from the dark clouds of Covid19.

Cover Your Bases: Best Practices for Protecting Remote Work

Before 2020, businesses across industries and regions were already navigating a gradual, but important shift towards remote work. However, the remarkable circumstances caused by a global pandemic have accelerated this process, forcing organizations to quickly revisit how their employees access the tools and resources they need to do their work. In this whitepaper, we’ll share

Identify as a Service (IDaas)

This book consists of five chapters that explore: »»The importance of identity, what it is, and how it has evolved (Chapter 1) »»What modern identity (Identity as a Service) is and how it helps organizations address identity challenges and different use cases (Chapter 2) »»The components of a modern identity solution (Chapter 3) »»New trends

Transform the Customer Experience with a Modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Solution

A modern CIAM solution should not only meet today’s security and compliance standards, but it should also consider the requirements to build next-generation, frictionless customer experiences. The Okta Identity Cloud does exactly that, delivering the industry’s most secure and reliable CIAM solution to keep customer data safe, while also offering a range of sophisticated developer

Build vs. Buy

Roll your own auth vs. embed a pre-built identity layer into your app Development teams have increasingly turned to pre-built tools to offload some of the burden of application development. Identity and access management presents developers with a broad range of challenges that a trusted identity layer can help offload easily. This is a sound

Top 8 Identity and Access Management Challenges with Your SaaS Applications

The Importance of Identity for SaaS Applications The enterprise cloud revolution is here. IT organizations everywhere, from small and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, are moving from on-premises software to on-demand, cloud-based services. As enterprise IT makes this transition to a new hybrid on-demand/on-premises configuration, controlling who is granted access to which applications becomes

Okta Access Gateway

Okta Access Gateway delivers Okta Single Sign-On and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication from the cloud to your on-premise web applications. Access Gateway supports the integration patterns natively supported by on-prem web apps – such as Kerberos, IWA, Header-Based authentication, and URL authorization – to provide security without requiring changes in their source code. Access Gateway acts

Identity as a Service – Okta

As a business expands and scales, it adapts with applications to streamline its network and operations. Where an employee may have once had one login and password, IT now manages hundreds of credentials for on-premises and Software as a Service (SaaS) apps, running on different platforms and multiple devices. Likewise, many businesses now offer online