Data Protection Whitepapers

The Definitive Guide to Data Protection

In some ways, the relationship between data security and business performance is a tale as old as business itself. After all, the very simplest form of competitive edge is a business’ ability to keep its “secret sauce”—be it a proprietary process, critical intellectual property, or even a literal recipe—off the streets. It’s estimated that 90

Dynamic Data Protection

Dynamic Data Protection gives your team the power to identify and investigate the entities that pose a potential risk to critical data and assets. Then, it dynamically applies monitoring and enforcement controls to safeguard assets based on individual risk levels and the value of the data being accessed.

9 Steps to Success with Data Protection

But how do you balance what your organization needs to get work done with what it needs to keep data safe? These nine steps will walk you through how to implement data protection controls that are both measurably effective and practical for your day-to-day, and pinpoint opportunities to fortify your solution with risk-adaptive data protection.

Power to the People: GDPR, Trust, and Data Privacy

Trust conquers all. As a result of the digital transformation revolution, consumers are sharing more information than ever. And regulatory bodies are taking a closer look at how organisations are treating this data. This is driving new, stricter privacy laws and requirements for consent management. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should be top of

Top 5 Ways to Simplify Data Protection with Microsof Azure

Leveraging a simple, reliable and flexible data management platform like Veeam® is becoming increasingly important for enterprises of all sizes to make sure that data is always available, protected and actively working for their business. Regardless of where your data resides — on premises, in Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack or in Microsoft Office 365, you

5 Ways to Optimize Your AWS Spending

The shift to public cloud providers such as AWS offers many advantages for companies. According to AWS CEO Andy Jassy, the conversation starter for cloud adoption is almost always cost savings. For many companies, this means trading the old model of heavy capex for capital to invest in datacenters and servers upfront to a variable

Is Your Data Safe in an IaaS Public Cloud?

This white paper discusses the need for data protection in IaaS public cloud environments, including common shared responsibility models employed by many cloud providers, and why relying on your cloud provider is not enough. We discuss how shared responsibility impacts both disaster recovery and security; as well as steps that businesses can take to protect