A Practical Guide for Evaluating the Value of VCE Converged Infrastructure for Data Center Modernization

Cloud computing is transforming IT in terms of how services are delivered, how infrastructure is deployed and managed, and how IT organizations structure themselves. For the purposes of this study, Forrester is defining a cloud solution as having three major characteristics:“self-service access, full automation of processes and policies, and metering and tracking of usage.”1 It then becomes a question of whether you manage your cloud(s) yourself, outsource it, or use a hybrid combination of private and public cloud resources.

The move to cloud computing is being driven by many factors. These include:

Replacing aging infrastructure that has reliability issues and requires very high costs and efforts to keep it running.

Simplifying overall infrastructure complexity and adopting greater virtualization. › Supporting businesses’ needs to reduce time-to-market and increase innovation.

Deploying additional capacity in near real time to support business growth, launch new services/products, and/or streamline expansion into new geographies.

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