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Oracle Case Study: Advanced Consulting Enterprises

The Guardianship Program of Dade County is a non-profit private agency that provides care services for indigent adults in Miami-Dade County in South Florida. Unfortunately, in these tough economic times, business is booming. The agency has a staff of about 40 people serving more than 1,000 individuals. Guardianship Program must be involved in all decisions

Optimising Information Insight: Fast, Reliable Decisions Based on Consolidated Information

This IDG paper argues that the key to enabling midsize organisations to make even better business decisions is by simplifying the extraction of specific, actionable information from large volumes of data. The secret lies in centralised, automated data management: centralisation eliminates the inefficiency and insecurity of dispersed, fragmented data. It also ensures vital information is

Oracle Database 11g Application Development

The modern IT organization is faced with a multitude of application development languages and tools to choose from. In some cases multiple application development products may be used within a single organisation. Oracle Database 11g provides a single integrated platform offering high performance and scalability for the most popular technologies used by application developers today.