Datacenters Whitepapers

Silver peak helps CSR reduce data traffic and network costs

With its corporate headquarters in Cambridge and major data centres in EMEA, APAC and the US, CSR required a consistent and dependable solution to help enhance the performance of interactive applications between the semi-conductor company’s network of global offices. The company chose Silver Peak’s data acceleration software to improve the CSR infrastructure, thus reducing network

The next-generation data center

The fast-changing business and IT landscape is driving the need for the next-generation data center. New opportunities advanced by escalating demand for mobility, social business and analytics cannot wait for resources to be manually procured. Response needs to be immediate to meet increasing expectations for availability, scalability and speed. IBM’s vision for the next-generation data

A Guide to REST and API Design

In his 1966 book “The Psychology of Science,” American psychologist Abraham Maslow tackled the idea that those in the field of psychology needed to approach treatment from multiple perspectives, to take on new ideas, and not just continue using the same theories and techniques created by Freud and his followers so many years ago. Acknowledging that changing your point

The Essential Guide to Data Centres

Moving your IT infrastructure to a data centre environment can have massive benefits for your organisation. It can improve the performance of those all-important systems that keep your business driving forward, while minimising the risks of damaging downtime. But change, however beneficial, isn’t always easy, especially when there’s a lot at stake. Outsourcing your IT

Rethinking IT to drive business value

An IDG Connect survey of 300 enterprize organization decision makers involved in hardware investment decisions reveals the challenges and opportunities that lay between the old style of IT characterized by cost-cutting and infrastructure silos, with the new style of IT driven by the technology trends of Mobility, Cloud and Big Data. These trends have created

Streamlined server management at every stage of the IT life cycle

Traditional server management and provisioning can create unnecessary burdens for many organizations. Information technology (IT) administrators in today’s business environments need a more streamlined process to manage servers throughout the IT life cycle, including tools to help them diagnose problems and procedures for efficiently resolving errors. This white paper provides an in-depth look at the

Are you straddling the two eras of IT?

An IDG Connect survey of 300 enterprise organization decision makers involved in IT infrastructure decisions reveals the challenges and opportunities that lay between traditional IT characterized by complex, silo’ed infrastructure designs that are optimized around system technologies and the new style of IT optimized around delivering better business outcomes. HP Proliant Gen9 servers powered by

Reimagine the Server: Performance meets efficiency to transform your business

Delivering high-quality services with greater speed and efficiency is one of the greatest pressures facing your information technology (IT) infrastructure. The rise of cloud computing, expansive mobility options, and increasing pressure to boost application performance adds even more complexity—introducing inefficiencies that can limit your opportunity for growth and success. Traditional, siloed IT infrastructures are often