Business Whitepapers

Preparing for the post-pandemic workplace

As enterprises look towards the challenges of a post-pandemic world, one thing is widely acknowledged. The return to work will not mean a return to normal. After months in which the nature of how we work has fundamentally altered, it is unlikely that the workplace will ever be the same again.

At the edge of change

As the volume of network data explodes it must be processed, stored and analyzed nearer its source – at the Edge. What do IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) think of this change, and how are they preparing?

Save money by moving Windows workloads to AWS

Get better performance, security, and availability for less Leading organizations are doing more for less by moving their on-premises and business-critical Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to AWS. Download the infographic to discover how your organization can improve performance, security, availability, and cost savings through: Optimized infrastructure and reduced licensing footprint Better performance and

Migrate and modernize to accelerate innovation

Thrive in the digital era with speed and agility Migrating and modernizing with AWS can help you drive the sustainable transformation you need to win in today’s hyper-competitive business world. This eBook provides prescriptive guidance for every step of your journey. Read it now to discover: Why migration and modernization are critical How to rethink

Emergency and Crisis Communications for Your Business

One of the most essential elements of any emergency preparedness plan is being able to quickly communicate with your employees and customers. When a crisis or disaster occurs, your business needs to communicate with your employees and customers, fast—before, during and after the event. Mobile communications not only give you the real-time engagement you need,

Knowledge isn´t power when you can´t find it

This new Knowledge Management survey report (APQC) uncovers the challenges, business priorities and success factors of the Knowledge and Information Management within large companies. Employees are wasting a lot of time looking for information, and that is affecting productivity and cycle times. The pandemic drew attention to problems with the flow of enterprise information and

The evolving role of the Finance Leader – webinar

The role of Finance has morphed over the year, moving from a supporting role to become an even more strategic business partner that’s essential to helping their organisation navigate the choppy waters of extreme uncertainty.  In becoming more visible and versatile, senior Finance Leaders have begun to forge the agenda for business growth making this

The Espresso Guide to Enterprise Search

Here’s the first in a series of “Espresso Guides” from Sinequa. Full of fresh thinking, these            e-books wake up a subject by concentrating solely on what you need to know.  Enjoy the Espresso Guide to Enterprise search and learn how your employees find the information they need to serve customers, do

Accelerated Computing with a Reconfigurable Dataflow Architecture

SambaNova DataScale systems and SambaFlow provide a unique vertically integrated platform that is optimized from the algorithm, through the compiler, and down to the silicon to achieve breakthrough performance and flexibility for innovators creating the next generation of machine-learning and deep-learning applications. Contact SambaNova to learn more about accelerating your AI and machine-learning applications.