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When moments matter.

Why every business needs to start delivering customer experiences in real time. Few companies are better than Netflix at meeting their customers in the moment. Everything they do is data driven.  They ingest more than 2 million data events per second and query more than 1.5 trillion rows per day to get detailed insights on

Transform the Customer Experience with a Modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Solution

A modern CIAM solution should not only meet today’s security and compliance standards, but it should also consider the requirements to build next-generation, frictionless customer experiences. The Okta Identity Cloud does exactly that, delivering the industry’s most secure and reliable CIAM solution to keep customer data safe, while also offering a range of sophisticated developer

Build vs. Buy

Roll your own auth vs. embed a pre-built identity layer into your app Development teams have increasingly turned to pre-built tools to offload some of the burden of application development. Identity and access management presents developers with a broad range of challenges that a trusted identity layer can help offload easily. This is a sound

Challenge or Opportunity? Take a new look at pay.

Unlock the power in payroll You’ve tackled some big challenges recently. Huge legislative payroll changes plus the technical issues of trying to manage payroll remotely during lockdown, often using systems and processes that haven’t changed in years for many businesses, despite the enormous changes around you.

Fear or Confidence. Take a new look at pay.

Tackle issues overlooked in better times, unlock the power of payroll, and thrive in the new low-touch economy. Back office operations designed for the ‘old normal’, and not deemed worthy of transformation in better times, came under the spotlight and were found wanting. Pay was perhaps the highest risk of all of these. The threat

The potential of payroll: Global payroll survey 2021

Our comprehensive survey into global payroll shows how an often overlooked service has the potential to be a driver of future growth initiatives. ADP’s payroll survey is a study into the resiliency and competence of payroll around the world. The in-depth study explores payroll from the perspective of finance, HR and payroll leaders and looks

Payroll: Neglect or Nurture? Take a new look at pay.

Three steps to unlock the full potential in your payroll No organisation can afford to accept inefficiencies. Especially when optimisation can bring strategic and cultural advantages — as well as significant cost savings. This is where a payroll review can pay big dividends. This guide gives you the inside track on how to optimise your

Obsolete or Undiscovered? Take a new look at pay.

How payroll transformation can support your IT objectives In today’s market, the steps an organisation takes to improve its payroll operations are vital to safeguarding its agility, supporting employee well-being, as well as ensuring the efficiency and compliance of its digital infrastructure. Therefore, IT stakeholders now have an increased checklist of what they require from

Setting up IT for success

For most businesses, harnessing the power of the Edge presents some formidable challenges, particularly in the wake of recent changes to economic conditions. Aruba surveyed 2,400 IT leaders to get insight on what obstacles they are facing and where technology solutions can help empower them to adapt quickly and position their businesses for growth.