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Going online: Turning your restaurant to online takeaway

Unlike other global events that have shaken public confidence in the past, e.g. the financial crash of 2008, COVID-19 will inflict potential long-term economic hardship. In this eBook, we will look at some quick win opportunities which could help your business support the community you live in. We’ll keep the information as updated as we

How to start an e-commerce business

With the opening of non-essential businesses still entirely dependent on a number of factors, many businesses are pivoting to an e-commerce business model for the very first time. E-commerce is an effective way of maintaining sales during these strange times, as more and more people shift to online shopping habits regardless. And it is actually


Application security is hard. We see headlines about data breaches almost daily. According to F5 Labs, web application attacks are the #1 single source entry point of successful data breaches. Additionally, the fallout from application attacks come with high costs. What is it about web applications that makes them so precarious? Insecure software. The challenges

Challenge or Opportunity? Take a new look at pay

Near Miss or Early Warning? You’ve tackled some big challenges recently. Huge legislative payroll changes plus the technical issues of trying to manage payroll remotely during lockdown, often using systems and processes that haven’t changed in years for many businesses, despite the enormous changes around you. Payroll matters and this is your chance to make

Fear or Confidence. Take a new look at pay

Near Miss or Early Warning? The COVID-19 pandemic has been a classic ‘black swan’ event: hard-to-predict and uniquely destructive, leaving the global business community in financial and strategic shock. So whether COVID-19 was a near miss or early warning for your business many finance leaders’ focus is now around risk mitigation, business resilience and operational

Optimize Your Network for the Distributed Workforce: Eight Ways to Win

The events of early 2020 created the largest remote work pilot the world has seen. Shelter-in-place mandates meant most everyone worked from home, with employees striving to stay connected and productive. Meanwhile, IT teams scrambled to spin up infrastructures that could support their unplanned work-from-home staff. Now, many organizations are realizing that there are benefits

4 Ways to Save Money in Digital Operations

It’s not just “digital first.” It’s “digital better,” too. As you reorient your digital operations in this new landscape, we can help you work smarter and more efficiently—and save money along the way. Read our ebook for all the details and see how we can help you: Optimize Service Desk costs by eliminating time-consuming, manual processes