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Top 10 reasons to strengthen information security with desktop virtualization

The tension between security and business productivity has never been so acute. To operate at peak performance and competitiveness, organizations need workers to access enterprise resources in more places and in more ways than ever before—but the resulting proliferation of work locations, types of workers and access methods has pushed traditional security strategies to the

Moving Big Data at Maximum Speed Over Wide Area Networks

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) provides reliable data delivery under ideal conditions, but has an inherent throughput bottleneck that becomes obvious, and severe, with increased packet loss and latency found on long-distance WANs. Adding more bandwidth does not change the effective throughput. File transfer speeds do not improve and expensive bandwidth is underutilized.

Taking Big Data to the Cloud

Cloud computing has become a viable, mainstream solution for data processing, storage and distribution. Adoption is accelerating — Amazon Web Services (AWS) has gone from 262 billion objects stored in its S3 cloud storage in 2010, to over 1 trillion in 2012. However, companies that work with big data have been unable to realize the

RES Windows 7 Migration & Beyond – 1 Windows 7 Migrations and Beyond: How to Ensure Successful OS Migrations while Boosting User Productivity and Simplifying Management

IT organizations are on the brink of a new wave of desktop transformation, with Windows 7 operating system (OS) migrations a critical stop on the journey. These OS migrations are extremely complex and pose real risks in terms of end-user downtime, business interruptions, and increased costs. IT needs to ensure migration projects go quickly and

Mobile Video Collaboration: bringing the familiar language of video to the mobile workplace

According to research by Infotrends, around one billion camera-equipped smartphones, as well as hundreds of millions of camera-equipped laptops and tablets, will be sold this year. While mobile video calling using Skype or Apple’s Facetime is already commonplace and predicted to steadily increase among consumers, it has yet to achieve widespread adoption amongst business or