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Information Governance Executive brief ebook

In this day and age, information governance is something that your business simply cannot afford to overlook. Information Governance (IG) is a new approach to managing information. It builds upon and adapts disciplines like records management and retention, archiving, business analytics, and IT governance to create an integrated model for harnessing and controlling enterprise information.

Boosting SQL-Based Decision Support Power and Performance with Dell’s Twelfth Generation Servers

In this white paper, we will explore the results of a recent Quantitative Market Research Report about decision support workloads. Conducted on behalf of Dell®, this report will demonstrate how Dell’s twelfth-generation servers and Dell solutions meet organizations’ decision support solution (DSS) requirements, based on business users’ responses.

Achieving a High Performance OLTP Database using SQL Server® and Dell™ PowerEdge™ R720 with Internal PCIe SSD Storage

Dell™ has recently launched its next generation servers, including the PowerEdge R720 which is designed for performance. The support for the powerful processors, high memory capacity and the front loading PCIe SSDs makes it highly desirable for high performance demanding application deployments. Microsoft®™ SQL Server® is one of the most popular databases which run many

Dell Virtualization Solution for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 using PowerEdge R820

Dell PowerEdge 12th generation servers provide the robustness and reliability for a highly efficient database consolidation platform. You should choose Dell PowerEdge R820—a powerful four socket enterprise server—as an optimal platform for database consolidation because of its robustness, reliability, and performance characteristics. This white paper describes the advantages of consolidating Microsoft® SQL Server® database application

Is it Time to Consider Automated Classification?

Part One: A Better Approach Is Needed Abstract: This white paper is Part 1 of a two-part series. Part 1 outlines the factors that are compelling enterprises to consider automated records management tools, including solutions that offer automated classification – for effective retention of needed records and defensible disposition of expired records and non-records materials.

DevOps Without Dev is Dead on Arrival

DevOps has become an increasingly popular technique for shepherding software from the design phase through development and testing all the way into production. The business value of DevOps is quite profound: DevOps reduces software delivery times, improves application quality, and enhances the productivity of the development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams. Most importantly, DevOps reduces