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Sustainable Compliance: How to Align Compliance, Security and Business Goals

Regulatory compliance has become an important corporate initiative as the complexity and scope of the regulatory environment continues to increase. Coupled with the rise in cyber attacks and insider threats, organizations are now searching for a more effective, sustainable, and scalable approach that will achieve their compliance objectives while improving the overall security posture of

Debunking Security Concerns with Cloud Contact Centers

The contact center landscape is experiencing significant changes, both in the business model itself and its underlying technology. The ability to access telephony and applications over the Internet has increased the flexibility of the contact center workforce, introducing a new trend: the work-at-home agent. Driven by a greater need for both flexibility and cost control,

European Consumer Behavior: How to Reduce eCommerce Abandonment and Improve Conversion Rates

eCommerce sales continue to grow unabated across Europe. Web sites are becoming the chief source of shopping information for consumers, regardless of channel, with store sales influenced by online research being three to five times larger than total ecommerce sales. The customer touch points are multiplying and shifting more into the hands of consumers. IDC

Implementing PCI Compliance with ScriptLogic

ScriptLogic is a leading global provider of systems lifecycle management solutions spanning physical, virtual and terminal environments enabling IT professionals to proactively save time, increase security, and maintain regulatory compliance through the seamless management of Windows desktops, servers, and Active Directory. More than 26,000 customers of varying size and industry use ScriptLogic solutions to manage

DCIG Whitepaper: Imation RDX Solutions: A Scalable Approach to SMB Data Protection that Combines the Best of Disk and Tape

Data is an important business asset and small and midsize businesses (SMBs) recognize the need for a comprehensive data protection solution that is cost-effective and easy to implement and manage. RDX technology combines the best features of disk and tape offering the ease of use, shorter backup windows, and high backup and recovery success rates