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Proteggere gli ambienti cloud dinamici

Sviluppare una lista di controllo personale delle soluzioni in un paradigma in evoluzione Il cloud computing ha trasformato il modo in cui consumiamo e utilizziamo le soluzioni IT. La potenza di elaborazione si sta rapidamente evolvendo verso un modello di utilità, con un’infrastruttura condivisa nella sua essenza. Questa infrastruttura condivisa alla base della rivoluzione del

Proteggere il cloud con Fortinet

5 aree chiave in cui gli architetti devono potenziare gli strumenti di sicurezza nativi per il cloud I team di DevOps aziendali sono in prima linea nel percorso verso il cloud, ma molti trascurano le implicazioni di sicurezza del passaggio. Se si limitano ad accettare le offerte di sicurezza della loro piattaforma cloud, è probabile


The good news is that if you’re like most companies, you’ve done this before. Many times. About every three to five years you overhaul your core architectures. You adjust how you deliver applications. You strive to increase performance, enhance security, and reduce costs. The bad news is that with cloud, things will be even more

The IT Roadmap from Modernization to Innovation with Consistent Hybrid Cloud

It has become the norm for enterprises to deploy workloads across multiple public, private, and edge cloud platforms due to business strategy and technical requirements. To reduce complexity and accelerate business outcomes in this multicloud world, leading IT organizations are seeking to operate more cohesively with a consistent hybrid cloud, which requires a modern, cloud-ready

Cloud Managed Services: A comparison guide

Which workloads are best for a managed cloud? Enterprise-grade workloads of all shapes and sizes are a good match for managed cloud services. More and more, that means leading ERP platforms like SAP, as part of a digital transformation strategy. The ideal fit is workloads that scale up and down periodically, requiring extra capacity from

5 Ways to Optimize Your AWS Spending

The shift to public cloud providers such as AWS offers many advantages for companies. According to AWS CEO Andy Jassy, the conversation starter for cloud adoption is almost always cost savings. For many companies, this means trading the old model of heavy capex for capital to invest in datacenters and servers upfront to a variable