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How Dropbox for Business helps IT reduce risk

Legacy file sharing solutions were designed to keep internal data secure. They don’t, however, provide safeguards for external sharing and user mobility — and this can introduce unexpected IT risk. With Dropbox for Business, users are enabled to share internally and externally without compromising your ability to control and monitor the flow of data. Sharing

Dropbox for Business—Enhancing Enterprise Applications

Dropbox recently introduced several new enhancements to its business collaboration and productivity solution, Dropbox for Business. These new enhancements include tools for productivity, collaboration, enterprise file management, and security, and build on the continuing momentum of the vendor’s vision of a simplified and secure business collaboration and sharing process focused on supporting heterogeneous workflows.

The Hybrid Cloud: a pragmatic view of architectures

Is the future of computing in the cloud? Increasingly, it appears headed in that direction – and for good reason. Cloud computing presents numerous cost, agility, and operational advantages that are undeniably compelling. In fact, in a vast majority of enterprise data centers, cloud-like architectures are quickly taking root. Companies are virtualizing their resources and

Product Development in the Cloud: No Cause for Concern

Companies today are faced with the challenge of a complex and hypercompetitive global market. Aggressive competition from emerging economies coupled with increasing costs in creating continued innovation make product differentiation a challenge. For these companies to thrive globally, they need to look at how they can speed up their internal decision making, and also their

Optimize every SaaS Application with an Intelligent WAN

It’s no secret that Software as a Service (SaaS), and the cloud in general, offers the enterprise a tremendous opportunity. SaaS delivers the breadth, simplicity and affordability of packaged applications in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional models. But SaaS also changes the dynamics of IT. As

The Rise of the Hybrid WAN: Meeting the Challenge of the Cloud

Server virtualization provided a foundation and an on-ramp for private and hybrid cloud computing. While offering tremendous business benefits, however, the hybrid cloud — leveraging both private and public cloud — has introduced increasing complexity for IT requirements and a need for global, instantaneous access to distributed applications and data, an essential prerequisite for faster