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Is it time to evolve your relationship with native cloud security and performance services?

We’re talking, of course, about your relationship with your cloud provider’s native application services for security and performance. Services which are, admittedly, perfectly fine—until you realize you need more. So, what are the signs that you’ve outgrown those cloud-native security and performance services? Before we go there, it’s worth remembering what attracted you to native

Top 5 Challenges of Extending Data Centers to the Public Cloud

Challenges of extending data centers to the public cloud. Before reaping the benefits of public cloud, organizations must successfully integrate their on-premises data centers with the off-premises cloud, which is no easy task. There are many technical, process, and skill differences required to leverage these environments. Explore how VMware CloudTM on AWS helps to address

The Enterprise Guide to Cloud Security Essentials

Landscape Overview: Cloud Security and Cloud Migration:  If it seems to you like cloud is increasingly ubiquitous, well, you’re right. But what’s driving this fast and furious acceleration of all things cloud? Really, it’s consumerism. Yes, the B2C kind. How people consume cloud every day drives how businesses adopt and secure cloud. Cloud security is

Protecting the Enterprise Edge with Direct-to-cloud Connectivity and Security All Clouds Are Not Equal

Digital transformation initiatives often begin by replacing internally hosted applications with cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) that can be used from anywhere. However, many traditional backhauled networks often can’t keep up. Sending high volumes of traffic from remote locations through central offices can limit the productivity of users and overwhelm older networking and security

Cloud Security: A Buyer’s Guide

Evaluation Criteria: What to Look For in Your Solution:  As with any technology, cloud security vendors tout a wide range of attributes and features. It’s often hard to distinguish between what’s worth considering and what’s simply noise. Here are 13 points to keep top-of-mind while evaluating solutions and determining the best fit for your organization.

All Clouds Are Not Equal

In the early days of cloud computing, security concerns prevented many organizations from moving their data, applications, and infrastructure off-premises. Today, however, most organizations realize the cloud can be a safe place for all three.