Securing today’s applications

The What, Where and How of Application Security Why is application security such a hot issue moving into 2010 and beyond? Applications are becoming more pervasive, organizations are growing and implementing smarter software to support business process, product development and daily operations. The way businesses are dealing with their customers, their partners and their own

Secure by Design: Knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities

Historically, the design of IT infrastructure did not always account forthe importance of security. System qualities such as “fast, cost-efficientor highly scalable” were prized ahead of “secure”. However, as our world has become increasingly more instrumented and interconnected,the incidence of cyber crime and data theft have only increased. Now, customer trust has intangible business value,

Making the case for BPM

For several years running, Business Process Management (BPM) has become a top priority for companies. CIOs and ITexecutives continue to place business process improvement asthe top business priority for their IT organizations. Of course, there are many options for improving business processes—ranging from complete process reengineering toadopting new process management methodologies, like LeanSix Sigma, or

Business Agility now

It’s a dynamic business world — can your organization keep up? The world is a smarter place than it was ten years ago, or even five years ago. Our systems and processes are more intelligent, instrumented and interconnected than they have ever been before. The convergence of physical and digital infrastructures is changing what’s possible

Achieving Business Agility with BPM and SOA together

Today’s economies and commodity markets are swinging rapidly, barriers to global competition are disappearing, andempowered customers are changing preferences and expecta-tions faster than businesses can respond. In such an environ-ment businesses must be able to work smarter, increasingbusiness agility while optimizing their costs. Only too oftenwe find ourselves restrained from meeting these imperativesby siloed processes

BPM & SOA require robust and scalable information systems

In today’s rapidly changing environment, much is being said about the need for business agility, integration and optimiza-tion. Yet agile change at the cost of business integrity andoperational excellence is a fragile value proposition at best.While business agility is critical for excellence in managingchange, business performance and business integrity are critical for excellence in business

Creating a scalable and efficient infrastructure for SOA and BPM

It is clear that service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM) are synergistic. BPM provides us the tools and techniques for understanding ourbusiness processes, the use of business resources in conductingthose processes, automation of those processes to gain more efficiency and analysis for optimizing and gaining better insight into how our business is functioning