Cloud Computing Drives Breakthrough Improvements in IT, Service Delivery, Speed and costs

Cloud computing promotes a new dialogue between business and IT decision makers. It allows decision makers to define business service requirements first and then decide how to balance the use of shared, internal virtualized IT resources and external public services most cost-effectively while maintaining required levels of cost, performance, security, and business resilience. This focus

Confronting the Data Center Crisis: A Cost – Benefit Analysis of the IBM Computing on Demand (CoD) Cloud Offering

Proven cloud or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) computing solutions such as IBM’s Computing on Demand (CoD) are very attractive for many commercial enterprises especially in today’s environment of flat or shrinking IT budgets. With a spectrum of flexible offerings and pricing models, IBM’s CoD solution provides secure, affordable, elastic, and risk-free access to IT

Dispelling the vapor around cloud computing

In recent years, cloud computing environments have beengaining popularity. In the IBMGlobal CIO Study 2009, when asked about their most important visionary initiatives, cloud computing was cited by more than one-third of CIOs as being among the most important. The many inherent benefits of a cloud environment make it attractive to organizations looking to speed

IBM SPSS Retail Market Basket Analysis

Leverage POS data to understand sales patterns, customer preferences and buying patterns to create targeted and profitable promotions. In today’s highly competitive world, retailers struggle to differentiate themselves via their product offerings and by how they promote products to customers across all channels. Smart retailers deploy effective targeted product offerings which can generate significant revenues;

Adam Archictecture – Designs for its data explosion with IBM platform from ABS Digital

With a growing business and exponentially increasing amounts of electronic data, the ageing IT infrastructure at Adam Architecture was groaning, affecting productivity within the practice. Solution IBM Business Partner ABS Digital worked closely with Adam Architecture to design and implement a flexible, integrated IT platform based on IBM System x® servers and IBM System Storage™.

The show must go on: HIT Entertainment completes 5,000-mile data centre relocation with help from IBM and Business Partner Attenda

HIT decided to adopt a global outsourced solution for data centre managed services, migrating elements of its server infrastructure from Dallas, Texas, to the UK. That meant relocating and upgrading hardware while maintaining 100% performance levels throughout, and calling for the dependable expertise that only IBM could provide. Drawing on IBM’s unique experience and skill

Specialised Travel – Discovering resilient systems with IBM BladeCenter solution from Unilink

Ageing servers and an IT environment that had grown organically over time, meant Specialised Travel’s systems were becoming unstable. Regular server reboots and downtime were impacting staff productivity and, ultimately the bottom line. IBM Business Partner, Unilink Systems worked closely with Specialised Travel to design and implement a resilient, consolidated server environment based around IBM