Infrastructure Economics: What IT Leaders Can Learn from the CFO Organization (and Vice Versa)

As businesses transform their organisations to meet the demands of a hypercompetitive digital economy, one of the more impactful changes is the blurring of organisational lines that formerly defined business functions. Today, all employees take ownership in achieving business goals; and decision makers, representing diverse points of view, are likely to have a say in

Navigating IT Transformation: Tales from the Front Lines

Today’s business dynamics drive the need for IT infrastructure change and organisations can’t afford to be complacent. Register to read IDG’s latest dossier from their recent worldwide survey and interviews on how IT professionals weigh the risks and benefits associated with infrastructure change and get the insights into the most-cited triggers for taking action.

HPE Synergy for Dummies

Composable Infrastructure is the embodiment of HPE’s Idea Economy vision and is intended to help organisations transform their IT function into one that is cutting‐edge and business friendly. The goals are to infuse the IT architecture with the ability to enable business agility, flexibility, and speed. HPE Synergy, the first platform built from the ground