AMD Rome-optimized platforms

Enabling business outcomes at the speed of innovation

We are noticing a marked shift in the digital economy in terms of how businesses rely on infrastructure. Business priorities are driving workload transformation and placement, which in turn are driving infrastructure transformation. Investing in “right-fit” workload infrastructure is one of the crucial pillars of this transformational journey. AMD 2nd Generation EPYC processors with up to 64 cores (codenamed “Rome”) represent a unique opportunity for addressing the modern workload-optimized infrastructure world.
However, identifying the server platform that takes advantage of this opportunity is not always straightforward. Some server platforms may support the new processor, but don’t enable the new processor features. Businesses must check the processor specs against the vendor’s server specs and ensure the server platform is a fully optimized Rome platform.

This InfoDoc will help guide you in the process and help you confirm long-term return on investment and reduced total cost of ownership.

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