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Il futuro della retribuzione Analisi dell’evoluzione della retribuzione dei lavoratori e gestione dei talenti

Nonostante numerose ricerche sul compenso dei dipendenti e sul relativo impatto sulle  assunzioni, la fidelizzazione e la soddisfazione, il modo in cui i dipendenti vengono pagati sono aspetti spesso trascurati e sottovalutati. Eppure i metodi e la frequenza dei pagamenti hanno ripercussioni importanti, ad esempio su come i dipendenti riescono a gestire le proprie finanze,


Chart Your Journey with Real Stories from Real Customers As the nature of work continues to evolve, modern organizations face an ever-changing set of challenges. The consumerization of IT and an increasingly mobile workforce have created a generation of workers who interact with data and information in entirely new ways. If businesses want to keep

Key Considerations For Moving to a Digital Workspace

It’s clear that IT organizations are at a crossroads in today’s world of digital transformation. Cloud technology and mobility are changing the way people work, and redefining priorities for the technology teams that support them. Changes outside the workplace are impacting businesses as well. As people become more comfortable with new consumer apps, digital devices,