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IBM Cloud Services – Balancing compute options: How IBM Smart Business Cloud can be a catalyst for IT transformation

Publically available cloud services – applications, platforms and infrastructure – add a new option to IT purchase decisions. Before making a purchase, CIOs and IT Managers should consider how well the compute offering from their cloud service vendor integrates with their existing and future IT landscape.

IBM Rational software platform for automotive systems

The automotive industry is facing its largest crisis in decades. The fal-tering global economy has reduced the demand for and production ofnew vehicles, requiring automotive manufacturers and suppliers to cutcosts by improving efficiency. To meet consumer demands for morecost-effective, greener, safer vehicles and ensure future growth, newvehicle technologies must be developed and employed.

Beyond initial workload consolidation

Think of virtualisation as a strategy rather than a technology. When considering the benefits, don’t look just at the hardware and energy cost savings, but consider business uptime particularly as downtime is virtually eliminated. With these types of benefits, most companies find it easy to justify the cost.

IBM and Intel Partnering For Energy Conservation

This whitepaper discusses the partnership between IBM and Intel to create a family of servers addressing the increasing need for energy conservation, by focusing on efficient performance to help midsize businesses avoid extra costs in future structural expansions. This includes Intel’s Xeon 5500 processor series which reconfigures itself according to the single or multi threaded

Smart Technology for Utility Companies

The energy industry’s next big opportunity. For energy suppliers, smart technology (including smart metering and smart grid) is a way to increase efficiency, improve customer relationships and comply with environmental legislation, while also reducing the need for future infrastructure investment. Water companies, too, are fast realising the relevance of smart technology, in the form of