Software Whitepapers

Throughput and Scalability Report

Intel Security engaged Miercom to perform throughput and scalability testing of the McAfee NGFW 5206 security appliance. The McAfee NGFW 5206 can be deployed in various security roles, but was configured in this testing primarily as a high-capacity, next-generation firewall. A unique aspect of the McAfee NGFW 5206 in the firewall marketplace is the ability

Solving the Application Performance Dilemma in the Hybrid Enterprise

The mainstream adoption of web-based applications, whether internally hosted, cloud hosted, or software as a service (SaaS), is transforming the ways in which enterprise-class applications are built, deployed, and consumed. While the evolution brings new levels of cost efficiency and flexibility, it also introduces new and unique visibility and control challenges for IT organizations, which

A Closer Look at HP LoadRunner Software

The world is changing. The demand for faster applications has been growing over the years and it is hard for IT to keep up with the quality and performance required by customers. HP LoadRunner software is the industry-standard software for performance testing.

Deriving business value from the Internet of Things

Today, billions of devices, sensors and chips—many of them simple, everyday objects—can communicate with us and with each other. Hospitals can monitor and regulate pacemakers long distance, factories can automatically address production line issues, and hotels can adjust temperature and lighting according to a guest’s preferences, for example.

Four Key Trends Impacting Mobile Infrastructure Strategy

This white paper analyzes the key building blocks required to deploy a mobile enterprise infrastructure solution. The discussion focuses on the professional consulting and integration services designed to support a mobile enterprise infrastructure strategic initiative. This white paper provides insight into the key trends and challenges for deploying a mobile solution in today’s enterprise organization.