IOT Whitepapers

The World’s Leading Real-Time Operating System for the Intelligent Edge

The intelligent edge is rapidly transforming the development of software for highly deterministic, secure, and safe systems. New technologies and modern approaches are taking hold to increase developer productivity while maintaining the rigid requirements of devices and systems that must deliver determinism, high performance, and ultra-reliability. VxWorks® is the industry’s most trusted and widely deployed

Mobile Operators Driving Revenue from Rural IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues its dramatic growth globally, becoming a common thread in the woven cloth of technology. But the magnitude of devices and the amount of signaling and data they will produce, needs to be a top concern of mobile operators. In this e-book, “Mobile Operators Driving Revenue from Rural IoT Use

Developing a Data Strategy for IoT

IoT success also requires getting ready for IoT deployments. Although many organizations have management commitment for IoT, they will also need to think through data handling and management issues as well as what kinds of analytics to perform and where to utilize analytics across IoT networks. It will mean getting all stakeholders on board early

TDWI IoT Data Readiness Guide

The TDWI IoT Data Readiness Assessment provides a quick way for organizations to assess their readiness for IoT data and to compare themselves in an objective way against others. The assessment is based on the TDWI IoT Data Readiness Framework, which consists of approximately 35 questions across five dimensions. Although this assessment serves as a

How IoT is revolutionizing the factory

The Internet of Things is creating a new paradigm for today’s factories. By securely connecting information from machines and automation processes to the enterprise and analyzing the data they produce, IoT can help manufacturers: Lower costs and maximize efficiency Prevent costly production problems Enable innovations and new business lines With experience in implementing robust, secure