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Il futuro della retribuzione Analisi dell’evoluzione della retribuzione dei lavoratori e gestione dei talenti

Nonostante numerose ricerche sul compenso dei dipendenti e sul relativo impatto sulle  assunzioni, la fidelizzazione e la soddisfazione, il modo in cui i dipendenti vengono pagati sono aspetti spesso trascurati e sottovalutati. Eppure i metodi e la frequenza dei pagamenti hanno ripercussioni importanti, ad esempio su come i dipendenti riescono a gestire le proprie finanze,

Save server management time and effort for IT staff

Whether you’re making plans with friends, ordering food, or setting the temperature on your thermostat, smartphone and tablet technology make everyday tasks faster and easier. New 14th generation Dell EMC PowerEdge™ servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family, with iDRAC Quick Sync 2 technology bring these automated advantages to the datacenter, too. IT datacenter

Accelerate collaboration with unified software requirements management

Process and organizational changes alone are no longer sufficient to meet the mandate of improved quality, governance and auditability. Manufacturers must unlock synergies among their disparate teams through unified yet flexible tools that bridge different work environments. In this white paper, we discuss industry best practices of Siemens PLM Software customers and the resulting business

Surviving Migration to Office 365

Many organizations have migrated from a traditional on-premise Microsoft  Office deployment to one that leverages the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which gives users access to their data and business applications anywhere, at any time. The determination of whether or not to migrate is typically made by an IT decision maker: CTO, CIO or senior executive in