Data Whitepapers

Effective data capital creation requires scalable, flexible data storage and protection infrastructure

The move to data-centric business models is geared to enable organizations to turn their data into data capital.Because of the more stringent performance, scalability, availability, flexibility,and management requirements of the data-centric model, these organizations must modernize their storage and data protection infrastructure through the process of IT transformation.This white paper defines data capital, describes how

Why data center modernization is critical to business success

Pursuing agility to truly impact business transformation requires embracing data center modernization as a core competency. Crucial to this is having the most up-to-date IT infrastructure to support the scale and complexity of a changing technology landscape. Companies must embrace this imperative by adopting software-defined data center principles, embracing modernization, and automating their IT management

Interconnection and the speed of change in the Nordics

There has been a consistent focus on digital transformation within the Nordic traditional financial services industry. This paper, produced by Finextra in association with Equinix, explores how interconnection and collaboration can help banks successfully navigate digital transformation and secure competitive advantage within the Nordics, and indeed any banking ecosystem. This paper builds on this survey

Open banking and digital transformation

Open banking allows consumers better access to their data, enabling them to make better choices about financial products and services. Regulators support open banking in order to drive financial services competition, promote innovation and create new partnerships. Combining data from financial institutions with open APIs, developers are creating a new generation of apps and platforms

Tutto quello che c’è da sapere sulle soluzioni per la protezione dei dati aziendali

Il valore della protezione dei dati nel mondo del business oggi è praticamente incommensurabile, vincolato ad asset critici come la proprietà intellettuale, il vantaggio competitivo, la brand equity, la stabilità finanziaria e la fiducia dei clienti. Ecco perché abbiamo creato questa guida, per semplificare il processo di valutazione delle soluzioni proposte dai leader di settore

Guida completa alla protezione dei dati

Per certi aspetti, il rapporto tra sicurezza dei dati e performance aziendali è una storia vecchia quanto il business. Dopotutto, il vantaggio competitivo per un’azienda è la capacità di proteggere il suo “ingrediente segreto”, che si tratti di un processo esclusivo, una proprietà intellettuale critica o una ricetta nel senso letterale del termine. Si calcola