Data Protection Whitepapers

Top 5 Ways to Simplify Data Protection with Microsof Azure

Leveraging a simple, reliable and flexible data management platform like Veeam® is becoming increasingly important for enterprises of all sizes to make sure that data is always available, protected and actively working for their business. Regardless of where your data resides — on premises, in Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack or in Microsoft Office 365, you

5 Ways to Optimize Your AWS Spending

The shift to public cloud providers such as AWS offers many advantages for companies. According to AWS CEO Andy Jassy, the conversation starter for cloud adoption is almost always cost savings. For many companies, this means trading the old model of heavy capex for capital to invest in datacenters and servers upfront to a variable

Is Your Data Safe in an IaaS Public Cloud?

This white paper discusses the need for data protection in IaaS public cloud environments, including common shared responsibility models employed by many cloud providers, and why relying on your cloud provider is not enough. We discuss how shared responsibility impacts both disaster recovery and security; as well as steps that businesses can take to protect

Cost of a Data Breach Report – 2019

IBM Security and Ponemon Institute are pleased to release the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report. Based on in-depth interviews with more than 500 companies around the world who experienced a data breach between July 2018 and April 2019, the analysis in this research study takes into account hundreds of cost factors, from legal,

Does your data protection really protect your data?

10 questions to see what your data protection might be missing Today’s always-on workflows are underpinned by the need for connected and constant data availability. Data models have become increasingly shared, multi-instance, multi-premises, multi-cloud footprints. To be effective, you need to evolve your data protection to meet today’s realities, prioritizing both data recovery and continuous

Protezione del perimetro aziendale con la connettività e la sicurezza direct-to-cloud

Le iniziative di trasformazione digitale spesso cominciano con l’adozione di soluzioni SaaS (Software As A Service) in cloud, utilizzabili ovunque, che vanno a sostituire le applicazioni ospitate internamente. Molte reti di backhaul tradizionali, però, non riescono a tenere il passo. L’invio di elevati volumi di traffico da postazioni remote attraverso gli uffici centrali può limitare

Lavorare da remoto in sicurezza

I rischi per la sicurezza da non sottovalutare quando si lavora da remoto: In un clima globale come quello odierno, è presumibile che sia sensibilmente aumentato il numero di dipendenti che lavorano da casa. Probabilmente hai già adottato delle strategie di sicurezza per far fronte a questo cambiamento improvviso, ma è difficile essere completamente preparati.