Simplify and Automate Cloud Management

Greater efficiency. Increased agility. Improved compliance. Reduced costs. These are among the benefits that organizations moving to cloud computing can achieve when they properly consider both how they will build and how they will run their virtual and cloud infrastructure. The right architecture and the right management approach are equally important because the way infrastructure

Drilling Down Further

Ideally, enterprises need to anticipate problems in the virtual infrastructure before they occur, but unexpected events do happen. You can mitigate this somewhat with real-time alerts, but in reality, this is only one component.

Virtualization: The Secret to a Better-Performing Business

Over the past decade, businesses of all sizes have been virtualizing servers, applications, and desktops at a rapid pace—with technology research firm Gartner estimating that at least half of businesses globally have deployed some form of virtualization. Interestingly, for the first time, smaller businesses are expected to be more aggressive about virtualizing higher proportions of

Building Your BCDR Strategy: A Blueprint for a Safe Voyage

The business has entrusted IT – and you – with revenue targets, employees’ productivity, and the company’s reputation. Now you must manage all of the hardware, networks, business data, and internal and customer-facing applications to propel your company to its business goals successfully and reliably. But the seas are choppy and the weather is unpredictable.

A Guide to Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Most organizations know they need to protect their business critical information to minimize downtime in the event of outages, failures, disasters and other disruptions. But not all companies have the budget, expertise, or time to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Traditional disaster recovery plans are prohibitively complex and expensive for mid-sized businesses with limited

How Virtualization is Key to Managing Risk

Losses from unplanned downtime are tens of billions of dollars every year When Hurricane Sandy hit, businesses of all sizes suffered greatly. The insured losses are estimated at more than $20 billion, and the total economic damage at more than $50 billion. The aftermath of the deadly 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japanwas even more

Unrivaled Cloud Stories

See how IT leaders in public and private sector organisations across Europeare delivering transformational results by building on the virtualization investments they’ve already made.

Infographic: Dollars for Dividends: Automating in the Cloud pays off

Controlling spiraling IT infrastructure cost and complexity is what drives interest in cloud automation. But what exactly is the return on investment on cloud automation technology? Based on a wide range of customer case studies, automating private cloud infrastructure management can improve the eciency of cloud operations, resource management, accelerated virtualization and deliver enormous CapEx