Saving Your Servers from Disaster Using VMware Virtualization

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key features of virtualization—specifically VMware virtualization solutions—that help defend your datacenter against disaster. Virtualization offers hardware independence—a huge time saver in recovering from a disaster. In addition to this core capability, virtualization provides several other ways to protect your business from server downtime.

The Top Ten Most Forgotten Things When Building a Disaster Recovery Plan

Every IT manager knows the importance of having an effective disaster recovery (DR) plan. Hopefully your business will never have to experience a major disaster. But having an effective disaster recovery plan with sufficient documentation, adequate testing, and well trained staff will increase your chances of survival when faced with a minor or major catastrophe.

Benefitting from Server Virtualization

Think of virtualisation as a strategy rather than a technology. When considering the benefits, don’t look just at the hardware and energy cost savings, but consider business uptime particularly as downtime is virtually eliminated. With these types of benefits, most companies find it easy to justify the cost.

Five Steps to Determine When to Virtualize Your Servers

It’s not a question of “if” you should virtualise your servers; it’s a question of “when.” In this paper we outline five steps you should take to determine when to virtualise your servers. So, if you haven’t started using virtualisation or you haven’t fully virtualised your IT environment, following these five steps to determine when