FASTER, LEANER, FUTURE-READY: A NEW APPROACH TO IT INFRASTRUCTURE – 3 Compelling Benefits of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

3 Compelling Benefits of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure


The Digital Economy Is Putting Pressure on IT

Today, as digital transformation drives changes across every industry, IT is more crucial than ever to the success of the business. IT organizations must deliver services and applications to internal customers quickly and efficiently—without going over budget or compromising on security.

Across the board, teams are struggling with:

  • Operational complexity and stretched resources.
  • Budget and investment constraints.
  • Pressure to support latest applications, platforms, and cloud technologies.

Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions from VMware integrate compute, storage, and networking onto industry-standard x86 servers, enabling a building-block approach with scale-out capabilities

With modern infrastructure from VMware, you can:

  1. Evolve Without Risk. Start with familiar compute virtualization and preferred server hardware, then expand—all together or at your own pace—with storage and network virtualization to seamlessly move your business forward while minimizing the impact of changes.
  2. Lower TCO. HCI abstracts key data center functions into software, allowing you to leverage server-side economics and streamline operations by eliminating tedious manual tasks and breaking down silos.
  3. Scale to Tomorrow. A more flexible infrastructure means that you can host traditional and next-gen apps on the same platform. It forms a foundation that lets you expand into the future to deliver modern apps both on-premises and in the cloud.

The VMware approach to modern infrastructure is based on a software-defined, hyper-converged architecture across compute, storage, and networking —with common management across all three.

If you’re ready to modernize your data center infrastructure, VMware provides two for different needs and goals:
1. An Integrated cloud infrastructure platform: VMware Cloud Foundation provides a globally consistent software-defined infrastructure platform that sits below the most common application platforms, PaaS, and container solutions

2. A Build-It-Yourself approach: With VMware’s large, proven ecosystem that includes a broad choice of server vendors, which eliminates hardware lock-in, you can extend and enhance your infrastructure with the software solutions of your choice.


Modernizing your infrastructure gives you the ability to achieve speed, accuracy, and security while staying within your budget.
As a leader in virtualization technology, VMware delivers a natively integrated platform that unifies compute, network, and storage, and provides common management. It eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional IT silos, giving you the visibility you need to make more informed, strategic decisions that benefit the business