Ten Things To Consider For Rapid Implementation

IT and software applications can play a huge role in getting work done quickly and efficiently. The right tools, and the right support, can help a company differentiate from the pack and deliver a superior level of service. The problem is, SMBs don’t have time for lengthy assessments, consultations, solution designs, and phased rollout schedules.

Competition Intensifiers For The SMB ERP Customer

Over the next three to five years, the most dynamic and innovative growth area in enterprise applications will be users in the small and midmarket. With unique requirements that demand full capabilities without complexity, SMB customers seek practical solutions with quick return on investment (ROI). Vendors, incumbents, and challengers alike, have responded to these demands

ERP For Midsize Organisations: The Need For Rapid Implementation

In today’s tough economic climate all organisations need to improve efficiency and, even in midsize firms, that usually means coordinating large quantities of information. Large organisations have large scale IT resources, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, to fulfil these requirements. But such systems are perceived as too unwieldy for midsize firms and the

Technology and Growth in Midsize Companies

Small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) that make intelligent use of ICT can gain a competitive edge within their industries. They are able to grow faster – and more profitably – than their rivals. Data integration provides all parts of the business with customised views of the same data, increasing flexibility and accountability. Applications that automate

Optimising Information Insight: Fast, Reliable Decisions Based on Consolidated Information

This IDG paper argues that the key to enabling midsize organisations to make even better business decisions is by simplifying the extraction of specific, actionable information from large volumes of data. The secret lies in centralised, automated data management: centralisation eliminates the inefficiency and insecurity of dispersed, fragmented data. It also ensures vital information is