Oracle Business Brief: Keeping Hold of Customers

Creating revenue with existing customers is always much cheaper than winning new business – which is crucial in tough economic conditions. When competition for business is even more intense than usual, in-depth customer knowledge and low-cost service improvements are sources of real competitive advantage. That’s why it’s vital to have an IT infrastructure that enables

Why BI is Ripe NOW for Businesses of Any Size

In this white paper, Oracle argues why no company is too small to start thinking about Business Intelligence (BI). The paper explores the rationale behind BI and EPM solutions for midsized organisations and sets out some practical, step-by-step advice for IT managers thinking of going down this route.

Oracle Escalates Mid-Market Competition

Oracle has announced a number of initiatives that highlight its mid-market ambitions, its application integration strategy and – most of all – its growing passion for partners. Although just one of Oracle’s newly announced initiatives – an expanded alliance with IBM – focuses solely on the mid- market, all of them address Oracle’s ambitions in

One: Oracle News for Midsized Organisations, Summer 2008

In this issue of Oracle ONE, its quarterly newsletter for midsized organisations, the company looks at regulatory compliance – a question that keeps many managers awake at night! Yet midsized organisations can turn compliance to their advantage with processes that drive efficiency and competitive edge, while facilitating compliance at the same time.

One: Oracle News for Midsized Organisations, Autumn 2008

In this issue of ONE, its quarterly newsletter for midsized organisations, Oracle looks at business continuity – how to ensure that your information systems are secure and stable enough to protect all your information assets. Have you tried living through a system crash when you’re rushing to complete a customer project? The consequences for any