SQL Server 2014 & the Data Paltform

Discover how SQL Server 2014 and the data platform can help an organisation gain faster insights into its data assets through in memory analytics. This user friendly whitepaper breaks down how SQL Server can work across all workloads, work with familiar data management and analytical tools and work across multiple IT architectures, including hybrid cloud

Put The Business Back In Your Data Management Business Case

Microsoft is focusing its efforts on data management and how an organisation can define where and how relevant information can advance a business. This whitepaper outlines the advantages of evolving into a data-driven business, how information can be collected and how its value can be maximised, helping organisations integrate a data strategy into its wider

Securing Productivity in the Borderless Enterprise

For the past several years, organizations around the world have evaluated how key technology trends such as mobile, cloud, social, and big data positively impact business operations and revenue. Throughout enterprise computing history, IT professionals have held primary responsibility for choosing whether to proactively engage with technology trends. However, the pervasive consumerization of IT has

Predicts 2016: Security for the Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things presents an ever-expansive security problem, several security areas are advancing to cope with the IoT’s evolution, including network segmentation, isolation solutions and cloud-based security. IT leaders should evaluate revising strategies or purchasing new services. Find out more by downloading this garner report