Automating Administration

IT development continues at an ever more rapid pace. Where decades passed between the arrival of Zuse’s Z1 and the first PCs, nowadays the industry comes up with evolutions practically month by month. As the performance and variety of devices expands, so do the demands in terms of their administration.

Mobile Device Management – What must a solution achieve?

It seems like smartphones and tablets can turn their hand to almost anything these days. Mobile devices have now become the best way to carry out standard tasks such as reading your emails or searching the Internet. It’s no wonder that sales figures are always hitting new records. These devices are increasingly being used to

Mazda zooms in on its clients across Europe with the help of baramundi

The European headquarters of Mazda has chosen to rely on baramundi technology for its Europe-wide client management. Following almost two years with the baramundi solution, Service Desk manager Leonard Williams is very positive about the results: “The baramundi Management Suite has proven to be the right choice. It has met our requirements and has proven its

Save Energy, Reduce Costs

At large data centers, the huge amounts of electricity and technical expertise required for cooling led to a rethink in the direction of Green IT at an early stage. In the case of clients however, saving energy is often of only secondary importance. When new PCs are purchased, the lower energy consumption of modern equipment

Automating Administration

The modern IT industry is developing at breakneck speed. While there were decades between Konrad Zuse’s Z1 and the introduction of the first usable PCs, innovations are now occurring on an almost monthly basis. As the performance and diversity of systems increases, so too do the system administration requirements – and IT department resources are

Vulnerability Management

The spectacular and headline-grabbing cyber attacks in which thousands of data records are stolen are in no way just the result of a stroke of genius from highly talented hackers. In fact they are increasingly brought about by criminals who have managed to get through without expensive equipment and professional programming knowledge. They use exploits