Vulnerability Management Automatically Detect and Quickly Eliminate Security Gaps

The spectacular and headline-grabbing cyber attacks in which thousands of data records are stolen are in no way just the result of a stroke of genius from highly talented hackers. In fact they are increasingly brought about by criminals who have managed to get through without expensive equipment and professional programming knowledge. They use exploits available free of charge online for many thousands of vulnerabilities that are potentially present on every Windows client and server in a company. A successful attack can be led through each of these gaps. Firewalls and virus scanners are easily evaded by these kinds of attacks.It can also be dangerous when a device is not securely configured – a weak password that hasn’t been changed in years makes attacks on your activities needlessly easy.
Braving gaps is not a virtue for IT administrators against this backdrop. Instead they bear responsibility for the security of data and disruption-free operation of infrastructure. Customer data, business figures, development documents– the consequences of a successful cyber
attack can paralyze operation and disclose confidential company information. In addition to
financial losses and damage to the company’s image, in the worst-case scenario there is even
the risk of investigations by state prosecutors, for example if an infringement of data protection
laws is suspected, or if company computers seized have been connected to a botnet and controlled remotely to carry out cyber attacks. In this case, the trail of IP addresses will lead back to the company.
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