Safe and Sound: The Importance of PC Security and Manageability

This IDC White Paper discusses the biggest pain points of United States–based IT managers in the areas of PC security and manageability. Leveraging the results of a 606-person survey of IT managers at small (100–499 employees), medium-sized (500–4,999 employees), and large (5,000+ employees) organizations across the United States, this White Paper explores the top concerns

Maximizing mobile efficiency and productivity

This paper examines the challenges of supporting employee BYOD initiatives, and provides several best practices that can help your organization overcome those challenges. In addition, it highlights Dell solutions that can facilitate implementation of best practices, helping you boost employee efficiency and productivity while also enhancing the efficiency of IT management.

The Importance of Continuity in Office 365 Environments

Moving to an Office 365 environment can open the door to a wide range of business benefits. But what about continuity? If you are migrating from an unreliable, legacy system, wouldn’t you rather get total peace of mind by guaranteeing 100% uptime? Read the Osterman Research report for an expert view: • Office365 service availability

Bloor: Take control of large file sharing

Find out why Mimecast Large File Send hits the bullseye If you are concerned that users’ reliance on consumer grade file sharing services creates data security and privacy risks, you are not alone. In a new report, Taking control of file sharing services, Bloor Research draws on detailed research to: • Identify the risks to

Automating Administration

IT development continues at an ever more rapid pace. Where decades passed between the arrival of Zuse’s Z1 and the first PCs, nowadays the industry comes up with evolutions practically month by month. As the performance and variety of devices expands, so do the demands in terms of their administration.

Mobile Device Management – What must a solution achieve?

It seems like smartphones and tablets can turn their hand to almost anything these days. Mobile devices have now become the best way to carry out standard tasks such as reading your emails or searching the Internet. It’s no wonder that sales figures are always hitting new records. These devices are increasingly being used to