Centralized Management Software

Best Practices to Control Your Data Center Distributed enterprises and network operating centers require powerful, centralized, and remote control of computer systems, serial-based devices, and power distribution products such as UPS and intelligent power strips. To effectively manage all of these disparate devices from a single console, a comprehensive user interface is necessary to provide

Managing IT in Tough Economic Conditions

In this white paper Ben Grimes, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Avocent Corporation, stresses the importance of corporate IT strategy in the current tough economic climate. The CTO goes on to give his personal insight on what companies can do to contain costs and improve processes when they feel the effects of

Power Distribution Considerations for Data Center Racks

As data centers strive to become highly available as well as effi cient, an important aspect of the entire data center infrastructure that needs special attention is their power distribution strategy. an EPA study mentioned that the power consumption costs of a data center can account for as much as 30 percent of a company’s

Top Five Issues for Server Administration

Managing servers in order to maximize their availability represents a critical objective for most IT staff. In particular, server administrators need to know where the systems are located; what hardware and software is present on each; whether the server is secure; and if the server is performing optimally and functioning properly. However, they also need