Gartner Predicts 2018: The Cloud Platform Becomes the Expedited Path to Value

Cloud platform services are increasing in capabilities and richness, making cloud platform services the optimal pathway to attaining cloud value. Gartner predicts that cloud platforms will inevitably rise in prominence in 2018 as CIOs and IT leaders recognize the importance of aligning cloud application strategies and processes with cloud platform strengths. Read this Gartner report

ADP ReThink 2020

Il nostro report analizza il payroll internazionale, l’innovazione e il coinvolgimento dei dipendenti, rivelando ciò che è possibile imparare da pensatori di spicco, quali la dott.ssa Dambisa Moyo, relatrice al World Economic Forum, e Duncan Wardle, ex responsabile “Innovation and Creativity” di Walt Disney Company. Il report contiene anche case study di aziende come PayPal

Save server management time and effort for IT staff

Whether you’re making plans with friends, ordering food, or setting the temperature on your thermostat, smartphone and tablet technology make everyday tasks faster and easier. New 14th generation Dell EMC PowerEdge™ servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family, with iDRAC Quick Sync 2 technology bring these automated advantages to the datacenter, too. IT datacenter

The State of IT Compliance

Exploring the attitudes and approaches to the compliance challenge Compliance isn’t a new topic — or challenge — to business. It is something that organisations have been grappling with for some time, particularly those in the highly regulated industries, such as insurance and financial services. Learn all about it by downloading this report.

Pulsant Protect: Assess – Secure – Comply

As a leading provider of end-to-end hybrid solutions, security is inherent in everything we do. At Pulsant we invest time, effort and resource into protecting our customers, infrastructure and data. These same principles are applied to our dedicated security offering – Pulsant Protect. Learn all about it by downloading this brochure.

HfS Blueprint Report: Enterprise Blockchain Services

The Enterprise Blockchain Services Blueprint investigates the blockchain space to provide a comprehensive and foundational analysis of the blockchain solutions and services market for enterprises. WHAT YOU’LL KNOW AFTER READING • Definition of the blockchain ecosystem and analyzes • Analysis of heatmaps to understand the relative adoption of blockchain services across all industries and use

Databerg Report Executive Summary

Organizations across Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific are hoping to harness the power of information in the face of a growing data deluge. A study, conducted by research firm Vanson Bourne, covering some 2,550 respondents across 22 countries, looks at the issues surrounding the phenomenon of the Databerg and uncovers how organizations throughout the globe

Il futuro dell’intelligenza artificiale nel contact center

L’importanza dell’intelligenza artificiale nel soddisfare anche le minime aspettative dei clienti è innegabile nel 2021. Questo report esamina i fattori chiave e le aspettative della crescita dell’intelligenza artificiale da qui al 2025, comprese le previsioni di crescita degli investimenti, il nuovo percorso del cliente e il ruolo permanente, anche se in evoluzione, degli agenti umani