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Prepararsi al workplace post-pandemia

Mentre le aziende guardano alle sfide che le attendono nel mondo post-pandemia, un’unica valutazione è condivisa da tutti: tornare a lavorare non significherà tornare alla normalità. Dopo mesi durante i quali il nostro modo di lavorare è cambiato, è difficile credere che l’ambiente di lavoro possa tornare quello di un tempo.

I cinque trend chiave delle reti aziendali per il 2020

Il 2020 è un anno dinamico per il settore delle reti aziendali. Il mondo sta affrontando una crisi sanitaria globale che sta causando difficoltà economiche nel breve termine. Le aziende sono in cerca di nuove soluzioni tecnologiche per ottimizzare il proprio percorso verso la trasformazione digitale. Questo documento descrive cinque importanti tendenze tecnologiche nel campo

Network Architecture with Security in Mind

As the hunger for bandwidth and the number of devices within enterprise networks continue to increase, collaboration between NetOps and SecOps for a fast, secure network is a must. Download the SANS whitepaper Network Architecture with Security in Mind and learn about a new security approach that relies on pervasive visibility to send the right

Defining the Future of Network Visibility Fabrics

Security and network performance tools are unable to or weren’t built to handle and analyze traffic at higher bandwidths. Read Enterprise Management Associates new research report, “Next Generation Network Packet Brokers: Defining the Future of Network Visibility Fabrics” to learn how to reduce unnecessary tool upgrades due to bandwidth increases — resulting in decreased costs, improved tool

ZK Research: How to Strengthen Security While Optimizing Network Performance

Download “How to Strengthen Security While Optimizing Network Performance” to see how next-generation network packet brokers (NGNPBs) mitigate security tool sprawl, simplify IT management and improve network availability. NGNPBs help align network and security teams by creating a single view of network infrastructure and data management. See why you should shift your infrastructure strategy toward

ESG Brief The Importance of a Common Distributed Data Services Layer

Read this ESG research brief to learn how to improve visibility across distributed computing environments without increasing staff or tools. Download “The Importance of a Common Distributed Data Services Layer” to learn why ensuring visibility in a distributed network environment is crucial and how a common distributed data services layer to collect, process and share

Scaling Network Security

Upgrading your network doesn’t have to be a big headache. Get the Securosis report Scaling Network Security and scale security controls and policy without starting over. Discover your options for improving security architecture on your terms, using existing infrastructure and intelligently applying security controls at scale without major overhauls. With this approach, your network protection


Dell EMC PowerEdge server In this digital economy, organizations are looking to technology as a competitive differentiator in driving higher engagement with customers, enabling new business models and staying ahead of the competition. CIOs are at the core of the transformation agenda, balancing between operational efficiency and forward-thinking projects. In both instances, servers are the