Applications Whitepapers

Mobile CRM for SAP

Effective sales organizations do more than just meet revenue goals. They find new ways to achieve their goals while ensuring their sales professionals foster profitable customer relationships. There are two tools that are essential to sales professionals today – a CRM system and a smart phone. By combining both, field sales professionals can get quick,

Breaking New Ground: Increasing the ROI of Mobility

Business and IT managers alike have known for years that information is the fuel that powers business success. The ability to collect, integrate, secure, analyse and move business-critical information to end-users wherever they may be is often the key differentiator between market leaders and runners-up. So with over 35% of employees now working outside corporate

The Instantly Responsive Enterprise: The Marriage of Business Process Management and Complex Event Processing

Over the last several years, business process management (BPM) has evolved from a mysterious alchemy of arc-and-bubble graphics to a mainstream tool of the trade for business-led IT integration. In a parallel universe, complex event processing (CEP) has expanded beyond the ethereal domain of foreign-exchange trading to include everything from transportation logistics to customer relationship

BEA White Paper – Applying a BPM and SOA Approach to Achieve Agile Business Integration

Every day, information technology (IT) professionals struggle with agility: how to support new business processes, how to adapt to changing conditions, and how to improve execution efficiency. They desperately want to turn their technical capability into business agility. But as engineers, they don’t believe in a soft, haphazard approach. They need a methodical, repeatable procedure.

Applying a BPM and SOA Approach

Leverage a new kind of Business Integration, including BPM and SOA, to transform technical capabilities into business agility. This free white paper demonstrates how to base Business Integration initiatives on a uniquely effective combination of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM). Time was when Business Integration was either top-down (turning processes into operations)

Innovate over SAP with Service-Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management, and Enterprise Social Computing

Don’t replace SAP, supercharge it. Leverage your legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for dramatically improved agility and visibility. In this free white paper, learn how to unlock the hidden potential of SAP and other ERP systems to improve agility and responsiveness. Discover how the right mix of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM),

The Integration Journey—a Field Guide to Enterprise Integration for SOA

Take an informative tour of integration approaches and tools, and learn to leverage your investments with a service-oriented approach. This compelling white paper cuts through the business integration clutter by envisioning integration approaches, goals, and tools as a landscape. The result is a complete and well-organized tour of Service-Oriented Architecture’s (SOA’s) capabilities, and how SOA