Digital Transformation Whitepapers

How hotels can embrace digital

Changes in the hotel industry have been seismic. Few sectors have managed to out-run the digital age. The hotel industry once looked a promising candidate, relying on timeless attributes such as location, reputation, and good old-fashioned service. However, as recent years have proved, the change has been seismic. Whilst those attributes remain essential, the economics

2020 Payments Switcher Guide

It’s an age old adage we’ve all heard in the past, and told ourselves countless times before. But what about “New year, new business” Although it doesn’t roll off the tongue with the same degree of elegance as the former, it may also be one of the most important things a small business owner could

The Worker’s Experience report

To compete in the digital era, organisations require a skilled and highly productive workforce, empowered by the right technology. Technology decision-makers must match highly functional technology to the needs of every worker, enabling each person to have an experience that is productive and fulfilling, while taking organisational competitiveness to the next level. To shed light

IDG Spotlight paper: “The state of the SMB and IT today”

The small and midsized businesses (SMB) continue to be powered by the entrepreneurs who want to build tomorrow’s business powerhouses or retain command of their own fortunes without the responsibilities and distractions of being a large enterprise. These companies have traditionally succeeded by focusing on niche opportunities or serving local markets but in today’s globalizing

Top 10 Best Practices for vSphere Backups

Server virtualization is a widespread practice all around the world. In 2019, VMware is still the market leader in this sector and many Veeam® customers use VMware vSphere as their preferred virtualization platform. This white paper describes best practices that are specific for the backup and Availability of VMware vSphere with Veeam Backup & Replication™

Beyond Backup: 5 Principles to Success in 2020

Organizations today want more from their platforms. What organizations need is a forward-thinking vision, built off a backup solution that’s designed to accelerate business agility through automatic core backup and recovery capabilities while enabling intelligent data orchestration, governance and security across cloud, virtual and physical environments. This report covers five principles to success to help

Top 5 Backup and DRaaS Considerations

By 2019, nearly 81% of enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud strategy. The shift to multi-cloud is a relatively recent phenomenon that increases complexity for a variety of important IT functions. One of these is backup and disaster recovery—particularly crucial at a time when enterprises are dealing with massive data growth, digital transformation, the Internet of

Veeam + Microsoft Combine to Offer Rapid Time to Value

Because demonstrable business value is so important to digital transformation, Veeam asked IDC to conduct a study of customers using Veeam with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. The study methodology used in-depth interviews of five organizations of diverse industries, including financial institutions, cloud service providers, and telecom companies. These organizations were also from different geographical

UK Consumer insights report

What do consumers actually want in today’s eCommerce market? However, with so many brands competing for attention, even with the market expanding year-on year, how do online retailers satisfy consumers in the UK, and give them the best possible experience? We spoke to online shoppers across 15 countries to understand what the biggest demands are,