Datacenters Whitepapers

How Dropbox for Business helps IT reduce risk

Legacy file sharing solutions were designed to keep internal data secure. They don’t, however, provide safeguards for external sharing and user mobility — and this can introduce unexpected IT risk. With Dropbox for Business, users are enabled to share internally and externally without compromising your ability to control and monitor the flow of data. Sharing

Sustainable Competitive Advantages: Creating Business Value through Data Relationships

‘Graph analysis is possibly the single most effective competitive differentiator for organizations pursuing data-driven operations and decisions after the design of data capture.’ – Gartner Research Sustainable competitive advantage comes from the knowledge of relationships in your data. A relationship (or ‘graph’) based database stores, manages, analyses and uses data within the context of connections

10 Things You Need to Know About Colocation

What is Colocation? From the days of the first big mainframes, computers have required specialized facilities. But as computers have gotten smaller, the challenges of housing them have actually grown larger. Ever since the advent of servers, the Internet and ecommerce in the 1980s and ‘90s, technology managers have wrestled with the logistical challenges of

SQL Optimization for a fast SharePoint

As more and more companies continue to use the platform, Microsoft SharePoint has become a prominent collaboration tool for many organization. SharePoint is not only used to replace other collaboration tools, but also legacy content repositories such as file shares. However, this kind of change is not easy for everyone, and employees will need to