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How to prioritize CX in a cost-cutting environment

Many contact centers are being forced to cut costs while customer experience (CX) leaders must ensure they maintain and even elevate the quality of customer experiences they’re delivering. The imperative for great CX has not changed. Customers still expect a modern, seamless, omnichannel experience with fast, first contact resolution (FCR), and businesses can’t afford to

The 7 essential documents to automate for business success

Agility is a key topic in today’s business landscape, as speed and efficiency are the cornerstones of any successful organization. When companies have the ability to quickly adapt or shift direction to respond to evolving customer needs, it’s easier to keep up with market changes. The truth, though, is that most organizations don’t move as

Top Five Risks When Operating in the Cloud

Most organizations today operate in the cloud. While this simplifies operations in many ways, it comes with its own set of risks that can significantly impact your bottom line — in 2021, the average cost of a public cloud breach was $4.8 million.* As you operate in the cloud you need to be aware of

IDC EDGE Automation Red Hat Intel On-Demand Webinar

This webinar which discusses how automating data and infrastructure at the Edge is driving innovation and growth, aims to help viewers understand what’s really happening in the Edge market. The conductor is Andrew Buss, Research Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, IDC. He is joined by two guest speakers: Salim Khodri, EMEA Edge Computing Go To Market

Automation at the edge: 7 industry use cases and examples

IDC estimates worldwide edge technology spending will reach US$274 billion by 2025. In parallel with this growing investment, the number of connected devices—all generating huge volumes of data—is seeing massive growth. Organizations are also overseeing an increasing number of computing locations, some with intermittent connectivity and limited physical access. At the same time, privacy and

Automating the Last Mile: Ensuring Consistency and Scalability at the Edge

Edge solutions will drive the next wave of innovation as organizations execute digital transformation initiatives. Whether to automate operations, deliver rich customer experiences, or introduce new business models, edge solutions hold many benefits for enterprises. Additionally, CIOs want to take advantage of cloud-native application design and software-defined infrastructure with the freedom to deploy anywhere.

Scaling the Edge in Europe: Automating Data and Infrastructure at the Edge to drive Innovation and Growth

As companies in Europe embrace digital technologies, edge solutions will be a core enabler of customer engagement, business innovation, and ultimately revenue growth. Edge brings value to many organizations, helping to automate their interlinked business and manufacturing processes, improving customer experience, cutting fraud and losses, and optimizing the use and maintenance of capital-intensive assets.  

Data Governance Preparedness: Using Data Catalogs to Ensure Your Organization Has the Relevant Insights to Weather Any Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic caught global organizations of all sizes and industries by surprise. Many have suffered dramatically, some closing their operations permanently, while others have been able to adapt but not without challenges. In times of crisis, sound decision-making is paramount to short-term survival as well as long-term resiliency and it is reliant on timely

Data Governance Is Everyone’s Business

A New Age in Data Governance: Taking ownership of responsibilities and being willing to change are signs of maturity in human beings. As it turns out, the same is true of enterprises that hope to mature their approach to data governance. Everyone from executives on down will need to rethink their data duties and assume